In 22 years of existence, Maje has played a major role in promoting causes close to its heart. This human commitment is continuing and being developed this season. New collaborations and new ways of contemplating the future are driving us to take action.

An entire community

It is in our nature to get involved in causes that affect us. Sometimes far removed from the fashion world, in contact with several associations like Mécénat pour la chirurgie cardiaque, Women for Women International, The Red Cross and Amnesty International. Because they are relentlessly working for causes that we deem to be essential, we have been following and supporting them for several years.

In April 2023, Maje is launching "Maje Up Front", a unique programme to support emerging talent. Each year, Maje will create an exclusive partnership with personalities from the arts world to promote creativity.

"Maje Up Front" opens in 2023 with the singer Sofie Royer. Maje is supporting the singer-songwriter in the production of the video for her new single "One Million", which was composed specifically for the project.

For the first chapter in its programme supporting young talent, Maje has given the Iranian-Austrian singer Sofie Royer free rein to promote the "Miss Sunset" capsule through music and images. Joining their talents in an artistic collaboration, Maje x Sofie Royer have translated the collection’s sunny atmosphere through a song written by Sofie Royer and a video clip for it produced by Maje.

Dealing with Covid-19

In the emergency situation, it was necessary to take action quickly. To find out how to help by leaning on our network and the people we have encountered.

As of January 2021, we have donated 100,000 euros of profits to two projects supported by Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

• A paediatric unit in Zahlé, Lebanon, where MSF is providing free emergency treatment and surgical care to children aged 28 days to 15 years, of any nationality.

• An oncology programme in Mali designed to improve access to care for women suffering from cervical and breast cancer. As of January 2021, we have donated 100,000 euros of profits to two projects supported by Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

We have increased our donations of clothing to the Red Cross, who have been our partners for many years, and to other international associations working in particular to promote the reintegration of women in the workplace and provide accommodation and support to abused women. We contacted the association “un cadeau pour la vie” to continue our work with them and distribute, with their help, games and toys to hospitalised children, particularly isolated during lockdown.

We also wanted to help healthcare workers. We supplied them with comfortable clothes and 23,000 mob caps made using our fabric stocks. We also joined forces with Lainière Santé, specialised in the manufacture of technical textiles, in order to produce 27,000 washable UNS1 masks for our sales teams and to be sold in our stores, with 100% of the profits going to charity. In collaboration with the Lainière Santé brand, we have manufactured nearly 27,000 UNS1 washable masks.

After the manufacture of 12,000 FFP1 masks for care homes and other structures, we joined the “Masque solidaire” initiative and donated fabric for the manufacture of 15,000 masks intended for distribution free of charge at the tills in large supermarkets. We also had our teams manufacture 400 UFN masks internally for the “L’Elan Retrouvé” foundation’s psychiatric day hospital, which welcomes adults and children with psychiatric problems from difficult social backgrounds.

Our discussions with our friends “Un cadeau pour la vie” helped us understand that the hands and faces of our healthcare workers were suffering from irritation related to use of masks and hydroalcoholic gel. We naturally though about Absolution, a French organic cosmetics brand with whom we had already collaborated at the start of the year, to offer healthcare workers natural and high-quality skincare products.