Always unique

The M bag revolutionised bags. As a new fashion icon, the M is an attitude, a style, about materials. And an ability to adapt itself to the modern woman.  And her lifestyle.

M for Maje / M for Milgrom

A letter like a guarantee.


New colors

Brick, Rainbow, Black, Navy, Yellow, Pink... The M bag comes in a wide range of colourways, giving you the freedom to really express your style and personality. You can use it to give a look a new lease of life.

Open yourself up to the possibilities.



The Maje M bag features different materials. High quality, easy-care Italian leathers ensure this everyday bag lasts and lasts.

Suede leather for a soft, velvety feel; colour variations for a unique piece.

Smooth lambskin for delicacy, refinement and timelessness.

Finally, quilted leather with the MPadded bag, featuring topstitching made even better by the art deco M for Maje. Beauty and technology combined.


M Animations

This season, Maje is having fun.
New materials, no fringing, chic and fun details, unleash your wild side with the M bag adorned with decorative fur, embossed python, animal print, etc. Exceptional limited editions embodying unique expertise.



The MWalk is practical in size without compromising on style. The modern world can often involve leading several lives in one day, which is why the MWalk has combined comfort, practicality and charm in one bag. It's everything you need to see you through the day.