The sentimental medals

New in - Holidays gifts

For the holidays, Maje proposes a new theme of precious jewellery: Sentimental medals. Inspired by sailors' tattoos, these skin jewels refer to the 3 values of the house's 20th anniversary celebration: love, friendship and family. 9 medals for 9 little words tinted with humour and engraved in a subtle way, sentimental medals are the perfect gift to express to our loved ones how much they mean to you.

Gold plated medals with Swarovski rhinestones

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Natural stone jewels

Earrings with semi-precious natural stone. Romantic jewellery bringing positive energies through natural stones. Each stone is natural and semi-precious, their color is unique and can vary slightly from one stone to another. Sold by the unit
Pink quartz: Love stone
Turquoise: Stone of success, optimism and joy
Jasper Leopard: Stone of youth and his audacity
Pyrite: Stimulating stone that brings success through passion

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zodiac medals

The constellation by Maje is 12 astrological signs. 12 medals, 12 jewels fallen from the sky. The refinement of the design, the finesse of the material. The 12 best answers to the passing of time.

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