Inspirations Summer 2017

The Maje woman embarks on a sensual and physical maiden voyage. The shores of the Indian ocean, the ochre earth, the leaves of tall trees: the whole of Zanzibar inspires her. The dresses she wears, the tops she graces and her talisman-like jewellery serve to mark her identity and her desire for elegance and naturalness. For beauty.


The Maje woman sets sail across the sea. To the blue of the Indian ocean surrounding Zanzibar beach, she adds the enchanting patterns of her dresses, tops and high-waisted trousers: Tahitian Wax, Jungle Fairies, Aloha Spirit, Garden of Eden... flowers take over, combining gentleness with a cutting-edge look and a desire for naturalness. The sea breezes caress her skin; the sand is soft. In the distance, the sun is setting. The Maje woman is enchanted.

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Inspiration Dispatch

The red earth of the large island of Zanzibar welcomes the Maje woman. There, she can experiment with purity, the symbiosis between black and white, and graphic styling. Her mindset is expressed in a combination of comfort and style: denim shorts, jewelled leather belt, Western safari-style tasselled suede jacket. Then there's her lace top with a graceful high neckline, and her wildly elegant embroidered trench coat. And the smile that lights up her face.

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From the ocean shores to narrow city streets, the Maje woman continues her journey through Zanzibar, where she finds food for the soul. She grasps its energy, its exuberance. She craves colours: electric blue, powerful red, saffron yellow. The wind toys with the pleats of her long tricolour dress. Her floaty dresses are lightweight and graceful. Her RELONA dress is a lagoon, with nuances between emerald and imperial green. The Maje woman is sunny, radiant and overflowing with life in the RAWANE palm-tree print dress.  

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