Cocktail Party

A unique day selection

The season for special occasions is on its way. From small pleasures to great joys,
simple moments to the finest of days, Maje is your constant companion.
Discover our selection to make this day an even more unique moment.



By her side

Softness pervades the air. Pastels, variations on white, long dresses
and fine lace offer you a delicately lively look. You are there.
You celebrate the best day of her life in a joyful, refined style.
You share a key moment at her side.


The Bride

An unforgettable day

In shades of white, you walk among them. Proud and happy, every detail counts.
It's a day that matters, a day to remember. Like you.
A unique day. Like you.



The finishing touch

Minimalism has fallen out of favour; abundance is in, adding an extra dash of charm and style.
Dare to go for fringing and colour with the M bag.
Affirm your sensuality by wearing large hoop earrings
and adorn your wrists to enhance the moment and make it shine.