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Parisian influencer known by the largest houses, Deborah Reyner embodies French chic. Through her blog, she decrypts trends, talks about fashion and advises on how to wear each piece to be at the forefront of the trend ! We met her at the Place des Victoires' shop to make her total look Maje x The Daily Deb!


A day with Déborah


1. Early shopping

Maje : Your first fashion souvenir?

Déborah : My first CHANEL fashion show, I was so excited about the idea of getting the invitation with my name on it and being able to assist at this fantastic show when I was invited.
I would also say my ELLE cover in February 2006 which has launched my fashion writer carreer.


2. Familial afternoon

Maje : How would you describe you style ?

Deborah : Casual chic in a boyish spirit but I feminise it always a bit


3. Fashion shooting

Maje : Déboarah, do you have any icons?

Déborah : Françoise Hardy, Lauren Hutton, my mother and my grand-mother. About the 2000's and digital ones, I love Giovanna Bataglia's couture extravagance and Leandra Medine' style propositions.


Deborah's crushes


Maje : Which accessory is the final touch of all your looks ? Déborah : First of all, a bag. The bag has to be considered as a final touch to your look. That's why I 'm collecting them… My Maje crush is the MSKINSLEO with the jewel chain. Also, I love the idea of changing straps depending of my look of the day.

Maje : If you were a 2017 FW piece, which one would it be? Deborah : The jacket, the tartan jacket that I'm wearing in one of my look. I love the gender mix of this jacket and its oversize cut. It's easy to wear with a t-shirt to keep it casual or a classic knit with a shirt.
I'm always wearing a lot of jacket because I'm a jean lover. I can't get tired of straight-cut jean and man jacket.


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