Marina the Moss

Fashion, fitness and technology: Marina the Moss is functioning more as a lookbook than a typical blog ! As a young Berlin girl, she is influenced by the New York style. It is through the streets of Paris that Maje was able to discover her simple but powerfull style. Always looking for pieces to improve her looks, Marina is an inspiration for all fashion addicts.


A day with Marina


1. Early Parisian walk

Maje : Marina, what do you call « the unique and recognizable touch of Marina the Moss »

One of the things I love most about my job is reinventing myself every single day, using the endlessly wide range of options fashion presents me with on a daily basis. There’s no constant look I go for, everything I do is passionately loved, yet ever-changing. My summer look is drastically different from my winter look - and the same thing goes for the tiny everyday facets my overall seasonal style consists of. What all of my styles have in common though -no matter the season, no matter the day- is that distinct notion of warmth I like to add to anything I touch.


2. Party look

Maje : A fashion faux pas to have this winter ?

Marina : If I were to name one, it would have to be white pants! There’s nothing I can really say to that, apart from the fact that I’m cringing at the mere thought of them!


3. Business afternoon

Maje : Your favorite places in Berlin for shopping?

Marina : I preach it like gospel sometimes, but no matter the city, vintage stores are my all time favorite go to! Concerning Berlin in particular though, The Corner and the KaDeWe hold an extra special place in my heart!


Marina's crushes


Maje : For winter, mini or maxi bag? Marina : Definitely a maxi bag! I always carry like half my household with me, but especially so during winter time. Go big or stay home, my mantra for winter! (...) Maje’s MWALKSKPA bag is of the perfect reference size, so I might have to snatch that, too!

Maje : The must-have piece(s) for this winter 2017? Marina : Since winter equals icy temperatures, there’s nothing more important than a good coat! What I adore beyond anything else are cool faux fur coats! It’s an obsession of mine and has been for a long time now, so I somewhat pride myself in being a semi-professional faux fur hunter - I already spotted Maje’s brown GEMILA faux fur coat and am mentally rearranging my entire closet to make room for it as we speak, to justify my buying it. I just hope my boyfriend doesn’t read this, and it remains our little secret! (...)


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