Jessie Bush

Jessie Bush is the founder of the "lifestyle and fashion destination" This beautiful New Zealander denotes by her inspired styles, travel diaries and fashion and beauty tips. All of her outfits are original and at the forefront of fashion! Thanks to her advice, all fashionistas can create a real look from any piece of their dressing room.


A day with Jessie


1. Get caffeinated

Maje : Jessie, tell us in a few words how is your life in London.

Jessie : Life in London is always full steam ahead - it’s a city of a hundred villages, and each pocket has it’s own distinctive culture. To me it’s unlike anywhere else in the world; I can’t think of anywhere in which more cultures from all walks of life live together, and I love that. It’s never boring, and there’s always somewhere new to try and someone new to meet. Each day in London is different, although there are two things like will never change; talking about the weather is a requirement of British life, and spending far too much of your day getting from a to b. But that’s part of the charm, right?


2. Stay well-fed

Maje : The detail that makes you feel sure of yourself?

Jessie : For me, when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, it’s all about outwear. There’s nothing more satisfying than pulling on a deliciously snug coat, and I have a whole rack in my wardrobe that I keep in high rotation over winter. Don’t get me wrong, I could never live without my lived-in denim and slouchy tees - but it’s my oversized winter coats that make me feel like myself.


3. Get cultured

How do you choose your bags?

I tend to keep the same few bags on high rotation, so it depends what I’m favouring that month. Right now I’m all about a tan or camel bag,a s the MSUEDE camel or the MFUR - it’s still a neutral but makes an outfit pop a whole lot more than a classic black bag.


Jessie's crushes


Maje : Your impression of the Maje Fall Winter 2017 collection? Jessie : At first glance I get a sense of bohemian vibes (with the Cable Knit Jumper and printed dresses leading the charge); when I look closer, I see a confident collection that encapsulates some of the stronger trends currently gracing the catwalk. There’s a diverse range; statement shirting, straight-up suiting, throwback outerwear and delicate modernism. The Leather A-Line Skirt is super fun to wear; and I can also 100% see myself rocking the Tartan suit combo. I also need to get my hands on the Sheepskin coat for some winter warmth.

Maje : 5 key pieces in your dressing room ? Jessie : A great pair of black boots, a pair of blue jeans, a vintage tee, a white shirt and a cool jacket that I can pull on over any look. I’m definitely a creature of habit; I have no qualms about wearing a similar version of the same look for an entire week. Repeat offender, loud and proud.


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