Collage Vintage

Fashion lover and globetrotter, Sara Escudero AKA Collage Vintage is the madrilan style influenced by Los Angeles' vibes. Natural but bold, Sara is a joyfull it-girl with an intense taste for bohemian looks. Through her visuals, we see her softness, a traveller side and her passionate one !


A day with Sara


1. BusinessGirl, cool but always chic

Maje: Sara, what are your hobbies and passions?

Sara: I have a lot of hobbies! I love travelling and discovering new places around the world, spending time with my friends, going to restaurants, watching movies and tv shows. And of course I love fashion.


2. Chill afternoon

Maje : Where do you find your inspirations?

Sara :Travelling to different countries inspire me. You can discover other trends that the ones you are used to see. Also surfing on tumblr and pinterest!


3. Before-party in LA

Maje: Your best fashion advice?

Sara: Less is more but also is important to experiment with new trends to see if they fit with your style.


Sara's crushes


Maje: What is the ultimate Maje accessory this winter? Sara: The LDANCEFU faux fur bag, its orange-brown is unique and perfect. Is fun and perfect to wear with monochrome looks!

Maje: How would you describe the perfect Maje coat? Sara: Cozy, elegant and feminine. These three adjetives makes the coat perfect!


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